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What is this all about?

Ace My Grades is an online tutorial marketplace for those who need or can offer help on homework.

How does the User Rating system work?

Our User Rating system is designed to help you decide if a potential solution is going to be of a high caliber. Our rating system is derived from the Weighted Geometric Mean – in other words, if someone answers a high-offer question and gets an awesome rating for it, that’ll influence their overall User Rating more than a rating from some lower-offer question. We’ve implemented this system because we basically assume that high-offer questions are going to be more difficult to answer than lower offer questions, and we want to weight the ratings as such.

Do you guys have any sort of policy against cheating?

Yes, and we take this issue very seriously. Please review our Academic Honesty Policy for more details. Students and tutors must agree to our Academic Honesty Policy to use our service.

So who are you guys?

We’re just normal students and professionals, like you. As students, we grew frustrated with the apparent lack of friendly help that was available on the web for students. All of the other sites made us sign up for monthly subscriptions or just wanted to sell us term papers. We just wanted to get some honest help without having to deal with monthly fees and all that nonsense, so that totally sucked. So we built Ace My Grades.

What are these categories for?

The categories are there to let you tell Ace My Grades how to organize your question. When other users are browsing for students to tutor, they can look through the categories we have listed.

I've bought my tutorial now what?

Take time to carefully read the tutorial and try to work through your problem with the help that your tutor has provided. If you have other similar questions from the same assignment, try solving a few of those too. If you don’t understand something, ask us for a clarification. Once you’ve figured it all out, rate the quality of your tutor’s help so that other users can see what you thought!

I am not able to purchase tutorials

Please contact our Support Departments using support form. We’ll deal with it as quickly as we possibly can. And please, be as descriptive as you possibly can in order to help us help you. Everything will be fine, we promise

Explain My account section to me

The My account is a place where we put all the tutorials you’ve ever purchased so you can refer back to them later. When you purchase a tutorial for a question, we’ll email you the complete text of the tutorial as well as placing it in the My account section. That’s pretty simple, huh?

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